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Writing about rock and pop music on Wikipedia is problematic. Wikipedia is not a fanzine. Gushing hagiography is not NPOV. (Hagiology is more what we're after.) Peacock terms abound.

Somehow this stuff has to be written up encyclopaedically.

I want to turn the red links to blue on List of Australian independent bands, 1976-1992. I wouldn't mind doing much of the same for List of Australian musicians.

A possible template for band articles[edit]

Intro in tight news style or summary style. Include why the band is significant.
History — formation, chronology with albums.
Members if their membership is so convoluted you need a separate section to make sense of it — or if the history is bogged down in membership changes. Bo-ring.
Trivia if there is any.
External links — always list McFarlane where appropriate.

Examples: Died Pretty; Brendan Kibble; The Scientists.


For Australian bands, don't forget to use McFarlane as a link and reference source. {{subst:ianmcf}} will put the text: {{ianmcf}} into your article.